Flying over the Pacific today

Thanks for following! Maybe I will post recollections in time. But goodbye for now from the digital and hello soon in that magical realm which transcends information!


100 degrees in Tokyo today

Woke early for tsukiji market. Here many seaweed typesthen went to one hour of kabuki matineereally was so fabulous and may return for different part tomorrow. Great reminder of discursive power of extreme stylizationbeautiful parkthe first western garden in Japanseussian pine gardens serve as buffer between city and imperial palace groundsyasukuni shrine to fallen soldiers
good morning to all! soon I will join you in the USA!

Johnetta Bush brings her ministry Far East


​fabulous afternoon. later after moving to a hostel in the ritzy part of town I worked up the courage to ask a wonderfully bedizened woman if I could take her photo. turned out she was a painter standing in front of the building whose third floor was exhibiting her work, which I went to see and liked very much. but all that’s on film!

Tokyo the Beautiful

Breakfastvery weird treevery big treesvery hot dayharajukujapanese food has no garlic & never quite enough greensso I dipped into a Chinese restaurant and lucked out. 

It seems I love it here. More on why in time