Thunderstorm, 7:30 p.m.

One-overhead-cabin-opens turbulence over the arctic ice sheet.

Says the dilettante millenarian citizen scientist, Yep. Melting. And fast.

Glory, Siberia

Towards the grey glowering orange

But what a scene 

My hostel seems to be in the industrial spare parts district, shop after shop with wares all in order

It’s raining very hard on the tin roof of the hostel’s 6th-floor patio. Lovely Saturday morning in America to you all.


11 thoughts on “Thunderstorm, 7:30 p.m.

  1. Patrick, the Arctic looks so gorgeous. Mary Shelley knew what she was talking about as far as a respite/augur of an increasingly technological world.

    The machine parts look wonderful. I hope you bought s few small bits and bobs.

    The area looks beautiful in its industrial rust.

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      1. China Headquarters

        浦东软件园17号楼1楼201 203

        1st Floor Building 17, No. 498 Guoshoujing Road
        Shanghai, China 201203

        The subway is Jinke Lu station, Line #2. It’s in Pudong, the same side as the Pearl River tower, but, further upriver.

        The nearby area is Zhangjiang. There is a TGI Friday’s directly across the street from the headquarters building. Used to be a field. A big field.


  2. Djokovic lost in the 3rd round at Wimbledon, Garrison Keillor retired last night from A Prarie Home Companion, and M is homeless, again … but H is on the Montclair Cyclery Team, J has a girlfriend and MA is doing an intership at Bucknelll. He is going to engage in Medieval Fighting as a sport for fun. What would I have done w/o you guys? 🙂

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