Many Besoms

Many besoms in China. Here one leans against a fat twisted old juniper growing along the walk to the cemetery housing the graves of Confucius and his descendants in Qufu, Shandong province:

Never mind. Wifi too weak >:().

Alright some musings then. One thing urgently of note is the general lack of indigence I’ve witnessed. This seems to me to be at the core of things. In New York there are no public restrooms outside of parks and a few transit hubs because (I’ve long presumed) it would be too difficult to police the homeless. In Shanghai (and Qufu) there are public restrooms all around the city. The total disregard that the U.S. has for its homeless (its convicts, its veterans) has profound effect on the social possibility of its cities. There’s a small police station within the main branch of the Brooklyn public library…is just how awfully we’ve dealt with our various splinterings. Security around pissing is privatized. Find a Starbucks, head to the second floor of the Strand. It’s awful. I think its roots are in imprisonment. That we feel so comfortable removing people from our public spaces ruins them and so much else.

Shanghai felt buoyant to me. I walked around the Bund, a proper spectacle, yesterday. Interesting to witness Chinese tourism, how a capital welcomes its provincials. 

Some exquisite outfits I’ll share when better plugged in. 

Scaffolding in China is made of bamboo. 

Temperate evening in Qufu. Off to Beijing tomorrow. 


2 thoughts on “Many Besoms

  1. I’m fascinated by the number of besoms. I’m thinking of how I’d like to take care o my things better. Keep my space clean and be proud of it.

    Spotted Bald cypress today ( I think) in central park. Saw show at Met Bruer with all the unfinished works. I felt captivated by so many of those pieces. Spent time w each.

    We had grey today, and I thought your first few grey days. Challenging, prolonging gratification. I hope the pay off was worth wait.

    Coming down from the trip to CT. The weekend was v long and socially draining, quite wonderful too. back to work tomorrow. Will write more soon, lets FaceTime. 🙂 to 🙂

    Xo i

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