I spent all day thinking about Diamond Reynolds’ bearing heroic witness to her boyfriend’s murder by one of a band of men and women who keep killing people instead of obsolescing. Who can imagine calling the cops? Who can imagine causing someone’s imprisonment? Take everything I own I will not mark you a felon. (Beat your wife however…however…this is one of perhaps three riddles the riddling of which is worth your time).

I extricated myself from the WiFi, took the subway to the Olympic park, and walked a sweltering mile down a wide cement way through the smoggy ruins of 2008.

From there I wandered around the park just north and stretched, took off my shirt, did pull-ups on a pine tree, and squatted to make markings in the dirt.

I took the subway as near to Peking University as I could and stopped in a KFC for some cheap coffee and eminently digestible food. There I learned about the Dallas shootings and felt very far from everyone I loved, all asleep down through the earth. In the KFC a mother was helping her young son learn to read. 

Peking University was very beautiful.

I got on the subway and rode most of the way back to the hostel. I’m reading Paul Mason’s Postcapitalism on my kindle. It’s very good, and I’d love for many of you to read it so we may discuss. Mason’s basic argument is that the information produced by the internet is too rich to be assimilated by the market. The present is marked by the tension between monopoly/hierarchy (wherein capital ‘knows’ how to value) and network/collaboration (wherein it doesn’t). He expects it will break on the side of the latter, and that we need prepare. He writes very well, very deliberately, and gives a good, comprehensible left-history of capitalism. He gets breathless at times but breathlessness is no grave sin when engagements with the prophetic are as soothing & practicable as his. I can illegally send you a copy. I’m sure the author wouldn’t mind. I’d like to PayPal him anyway. 

I walked along the water to my hostel.

It was a hard day and I look forward to many more.



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  1. In case you wonder what your mother thinks, she likes to start with small logical non-stupid steps and in her mind, first, we get rid of guns and of the economy that surrounds the selling of guns to anyone or any institution that is not the military. Absent death, the issues are more tractable. In the face of death, everything blows up:(


  2. my darling brother – i had no idea you were posting! for some reason i thought they would be appearing in my inbox, but i am now subscribed and hopefully they will. stephen informed me i had been missing out. this week was a horrific one in the US. i have cried many times reading the news/social media. can’t imagine what it would be like to read on the other side of the world. sending you so much love. ❤


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