Long walk, beautiful day, lovely city, fast internet, many pics

Have never been in a city so well colored. Tried to go to a big green spot on my stuttering google maps thinking it a park and was turned away by the guard of the army base (American-run, I believe). Across from that huge compound the war memorial. Asked those soldiers for some directions. Until 2015 I think if South Korea had gone to war they’d have been commanded by USA. Seoul is hilly and therefore beautiful. Is that too strong a causal link? Last two shots of Gangnam, the wealthy district across the river satirized in the song. Seoul is cheap and friendly. Walked through a largely middle eastern neighborhood on a ridge. Found a tiny gay bookshop. And here’s one more church, from last night.


2 thoughts on “Seoul

  1. seoul looks beautiful. muted palette. hills do make things different. reminds me of san francisco everything looks new, slightly used. i wonder what the gay bookstore was like.

    i wonder what you’re up to this evening-bar? karaoke? night swimming? I’m about to go to the dentist, and then off to the oral surgeon. will try to remain cordial with sexy oral surgeon. it is a clear day, and cool..

    the cat just ran under the bed so gotta get him out before leaving for appointments.

    looks like seoul has been good so far, wish i was there.


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  2. South Korea has a lot of Christianity, that often continues if/when Koreans move to the USA. I don’t know the history – missionaries? And so much military. Had no idea, because, too focused on K-pop;).


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