Long day of travel. Happy to finally be in Japan, of whose language, history, geography, customs, and popular culture I’ve more than passing knowledge. One hopes it clads the senses! By the way I am drinking a Sapporo at present. One gets in the spirit! Bus driver pronounced every verb ending in a long whisper. arigatou gozaimashitaaaaaaa



4 thoughts on “Sapporo

  1. On the subject of PokemonGo – I was sitting in a park with Steve yesterday and we saw two young teenagers walking excitedly through the park together, phones held out in front of them. One turned to the other and said, “look at those pidgies, let’s go capture them.” “They are really excited about taking photos of pigeons,” I said to Steve… #Pokefail! I should’ve known! If this had come out two decades ago, that would’ve been you and me (although there may have been more poking). xoxoxo

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