Bit of a lull

Two days in Tsuruoka was 1.5 too many, and after a full day of travel to Kanazawa I’m ready to leave it too. But tomorrow I’ll spend the day in a valley full of old, thatch-roofed farm houses, and the day after I’ll head to Kyoto to meet Zack and Susanna with the chattiest glee. Some pictures (out of order because the app says so):

Kanazawa was not bombed during the war and is full of old buildings

Also less old ones

Two extravagant pines at Kenruoken gardens

Was greeted in Kanazawa by this tableau

Train along the Sea of Japan coast. Many pine-covered promontories.

Sony semiconductor plant in Tsuruoka

Mall in Tsuruoka


Interesting building

Catholic Church (1903)

Highlight of Tsuruoka was wonderful clothes shop full of beauty like this. All the clothes were too big for me however

I believe this post will appear with many a glitch as the app is clearly crabby. But that’s alright, perhaps even fitting! Today marks the halfway point of this trip. I arrived in Kanazawa and the grandmother of the man who runs the guesthouse turned on sumo so we could all watch. I asked if she had a favorite wrestler and she said Yes, Endo, from Kanazawa.


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