Day trip to Nara

Lots of very old beautiful wooden structures in Nara. This one apparently the largest wood building in the world.big bronze Buddha in big wood temple. Japan seems less concerned with dates than ‘the west’ (aka than I, etc.) Pamphlet said Buddha had parts from 8th, 12th, 18th centuries. Would have liked to have known which parts of course. Ate soup here, then hopped train to west Nara this pharmacy founded 1907 is called 木のうた which means tree(s) (possessive particle) song(s), so song of the trees or songs of the tree etc. I think best translation perhaps to capture number ambiguity: treesong. The bilingual would likely scoff at this analysis.finally a really old temple complex, built round 7th/8th century. Main pagoda in this one built then was disassembled then reassembled after bombing threat of wwii ended.back in central Kyoto this woman tends to her exquisite garden. Behind me a boy with his grandmother plays PokemonGO with volume high on a tune I know well


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