Hiroshima, Kagoshima

I found Hiroshima very moving. I’d like to learn more about its post-war development, then I’d like to find work as worthwhile. A beautiful church:

Beware of crows, near a public poolatomic bomb dome. One of few things standing. Very affectingshrine to the children. Between these plastic cases of origami cranes it smelled like the chapel at the UN headquarters, like 1958peace memorial park. Again, affectinghiroshima seems like a nice place to live. Population of just over a millionmy hostel was in a suburb. Found this one man restaurant, so so beautifully decorated. Sweet man cooked me cucumber and tofu salad and beef/onions/egg/eggplant over rice. Then gave me a tottoro finger puppet.this morning took a ferry to a shrinethen a Shinkansen to Kagoshima, the southernmost sizable city on Japan’s main islandsferry to the big volcano. Hawaii, franklylava field turned into barren parklava roadthrough the pines
Back up to Osaka tomorrow, then two days in Kamakura, a resort town south of Tokyo to which Setsuko Hara retired, and finally a week in Tokyo. 


4 thoughts on “Hiroshima, Kagoshima

  1. Hawaii, frankly. It was bound to show up there, right? I would love to see more pictures of Hiroshima. So hard to really grasp a city, especially one with that history. Maybe impossible. Enjoy your resort!


  2. so affecting. the cranes for the children. makes me cry all the way across the pacific. love you and can’t wait to see you in two weeks ❤


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