Osaka & Kamakura

Didn’t love Osaka but did love this neon groceryand this dinerheaded to Kamakura, last part of which journey was on a monorailbeautiful building in which I’m sleeping on a very thin futonkamakura is beautiful and well-off, and with eclectic seaside architecturelots of chatting in Japanese, occasionally translated for me and one other foreigner. We shaved some ice. Easy to sense rural/urban gradient as I approach Tokyo even through language barriertoday walked all aroundbuddha built in 14th centurybuilt 20s or 30s I think. Grounds of the feudal lord. Now museum of literatureyoung men and women hanging out in the beachfront convenience store parking lot. Lawson is one of three major convenience stores, and western-outpost themed.nice day. Tokyo tomorrow 


3 thoughts on “Osaka & Kamakura

  1. YAY tokyo!!!! You need to go to the fish market, and watch people play those giant claw games where you pick up stuff animals in Akhibara (i think that’s what it’s called!). yay will be a blast! love you

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  2. the beach! what was disappointing about osaka? when you’re in tokyo are you going to visit the fish markets for fresh sushi at the crack of dawn?


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