Johnetta Bush brings her ministry Far East


​fabulous afternoon. later after moving to a hostel in the ritzy part of town I worked up the courage to ask a wonderfully bedizened woman if I could take her photo. turned out she was a painter standing in front of the building whose third floor was exhibiting her work, which I went to see and liked very much. but all that’s on film!


4 thoughts on “Johnetta Bush brings her ministry Far East

  1. Which provokes the question, how much of the wonder of travel is the new place and how much is the attitude of the traveler, open to doing weird and spontaneous things.

    How did you FIND Johnetta?


    1. I’d walked past other acts in the festival and seen flyers. That she was performing after I had to check out of one hostel and before I could check into another seemed fated so I resolved to go.


  2. Hey Patrick!
    I just caught up on some of your blog. I’m so glad you’re enjoying Tokyo, and the whole trip looks and sounds fabulous. The architecture in Tokyo looks very interesting, though I can’t comment much beyond that. Also, nice foliage shots.

    Just got back from a week in Berlin, which was very fun. Could have been my imagination but the city seems to share some kinship with Northampton, MA. Going to camp this Friday so seems likely I won’t see you until late August or September.

    Enjoy the remainder of your travels.


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